How do I introduce a time clock to my staff?

Some employees may see a Bundy clock as an enemy or something that translates to a loss of control over their lives. However, it can also improve relations between management and staff as a machine is now monitoring everyone equally! This makes employee attendance and time a lot more of an objective issue- same rules for all employees. Time recording systems are also the employees claim for wages, it is their proof that they were present for that amount of time and so are entitled to correct wages for those hours worked along with any penalties associated with that time.

It's a good idea to explain to your staff why you have decided to purchase a time clock or update your current one. It is also advisable to discuss what you regard as "extenuating circumstances" such as bad weather conditions and problems on the roads. If employees try hard to be on time but are docked anyway they may feel discouraged and disgruntled. It is wise to discuss what is considered "on time" and what will be the discipline/reward parameters?